Australia tops the charts for cheating

According to research by Sexual Health Australia, around 70 percent of Australian marriages experience infidelity, with around 60% of men and 45% of women admitting to straying. Sexual Health Australia do not specify what is considered cheating in their research. For many people the definition of cheating varies considerably. In some relationships, flirting and touching is a perfectly acceptable part of a healthy relationship while others consider this a betrayal.

Why do people cheat?

There are many reasons a person may cheat on their spouse. These range from simply becoming bored or tired of their existing relationship and wanting to experience intimacy with someone new, loveless or sexless relationship, to personal self-esteem issues or ‘revenge’ affairs.

The key difference between men and women when they have an affair is the emotions involved. For most men (44% according to research), cheating on their partner is purely sexual without an emotional connection, while only 11% of women claim to have has an affair for sexual gratification only.

Can cheating be healthy?

Lots of couples enjoy a healthy, open relationship although, in a open relationship they would not consider sex outside their relationship ‘cheating’ unless pre-defined boundaries are broken. Other relationships may suffer when one partner loses interest in sex but are otherwise happy in their relationship. In these cases, the partner may turn a blind eye to their partners infidelity for the sake of maintaining a relationship with their partner. In such cases, some couples can claim that infidelity has saved their relationship rather than destroyed it.

What are the most adulterous areas in Australia?

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, affairs have increased significantly since covid restrictions have been lifted across the country. Sign up to casual encounters websites have seen a sharp increase especially amongst younger Aussies aged 18 to 39 which made up 65 per cent of the total signups since March 2020.

Searches for casual sex in Cairns, encounters in Adelaide, women in Perth and Brisbane affairs topped the most search for terms while new terms including covid affairs started trending on Google with Australia topping the most searched from Countries according to Google Trends data.  

It probably comes as no surprise to see many of the highly populated Australian cities featuring in the top 20 popular with younger adults, but some areas may come as a bit of a shock.

Most active regions

Coffs Harbour, NSW

Albury, NSW

Mackay, QLD

Rockhampton, QLD

Canberra, ACT

Newcastle, NSW

Cairns, QLD

Geelong, VIC

Gold Coast, QLD

Bunbury, WA

Ballarat, VIC

Toowoomba, QLD

Darwin, NT

Townsville, QLD

Adelaide, SA

Hobart, TAS

Sunshine Coast, QL

Wollongong, NS

Brisbane, QL

Perth, WA