Alternatives to Craigslist and Backpage adult personals

Since Craigslist announced they would be closing down their online personals section, popular with singles looking for local hookups and escorts touting their services, the world of free online personals has been left with a huge void to be filled. While sites like Backpage and popular hookup apps such as Tinder have increased in popularity, people still crave the simplicity, variety and free access Craigslist provided.

While you may be reminiscing about fun times meeting up with weird and wonderful people in your city, it’s easy to forget the real troubles and sheer chaotic nature of the worlds busiest online personals section. Rife with prostitutes, scammers and truly terrifying stalkers and serial killers, Craigslist was left with no option but to shut down its controversial personal ads section. So how to you get your kicks without Craigslist?

First, let’s discuss your safety and privacy on sites like Backpage and other free personals sites. Sites like these often have very few rules and guidelines and even fewer moderators to ensure everyone is playing by the rules. The fact that most of these sites are free to use attracts people with questionable motives. Either for catfishing and trolling or more nefarious reasons such as prostitution and blackmail, free personals sites make it easy for anyone to create an account and post their own personals ad. Next, lets look at privacy. If you are looking for online hookups or soliciting for sex, the last thing you want is for your personal information available all over the internet, nor do you want your email blowing up with shady ads and scammers after the unscrupulous site owners sell your personal details to the highest bidder.

What are my options for local hookups?

Obviously, there are a number of free online personals sites still offering an adult classifieds service. Sites such as Backpage, Reddit and Locanto have a personals section where you can meet likeminded people in your area looking for all kinds of weird and wonderful sexual experiences. The problem is, where did all these shady users of Craigslist go? That’s right, the other free personals sites so you may simply be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Of course, if you are a risk-taker or enjoy the thrill of not quite knowing who you are talking to or where it might lead, there are plenty of sites you can take your chances with.

The reality is, there are loads of reputable ‘premium’ hookup sites running successful sites and apps designed explicitly to connect adults seeking local encounters. Ahem… My Bed or Yours.

Sites such as ours charge a small monthly fee for access to a secure environment to explore and meet likeminded adults, post your own personal add and communicate securely. May offer photo verification, moderation and like ours, anti-scammer technology. Technology, real time customer support and a modest fee tend to keep all buy the most persistent scammers and time wasters.


If you are looking for a free personals service and are willing to take your chances, there are several options available but if you really want to meet people for casual sex, there is no better option than a dedicated personals site. For less than the cost of a night out a month, you can connect with as many horny adults in your area, genuinely looking for casual encounters and local hookups.