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Who doesn’t want sex on tap? No messing about, just hot, horny sex when we need it the most. The problem with many sex dating sites is lack of members local to you, confusing search options or simply no genuine members period!

My Bed or Yours was created to connect horny guys and girls who are looking for a quick hookup, local fuck buddy or no strings encounters without the stress of a serious relationship or tiresome nights trawling bars looking for sex.

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My Bed of Yours offers a massive database of genuine members worldwide but separated into individual sites by country. Each country has its own unique database and an easy to use search facility enabling you to local sex near you. Our mobile enhanced features include geo-location on any mobile device which actually shows you members online when you are nearby. Don’t worry though, we don’t reveal your exact location for security and privacy reasons.

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Give yourself the best chance of finding sex near you

With such a broad membership base, there are several things you can do to make yourself stand out from the crowd and ultimately get more sex. As with most things in life, you get out what you put in. Members who don’t spend any time completing their profile, use vague language, lie about their relationship status or don’t have a profile photo are unlikely to get many matches. Here are our tips for getting the most ‘bang for your buck’.

  1. Add your location – We use your location to deliver daily recommendations to other members who might like to meet you. Without providing a location you will miss out on appearing in thousands of sex searches every day. Those members who do find your profile are likely to pass you by in favour of members they know are looking for sex nearby. You don’t need to worry about your privacy, we never reveal your exact location of any of your personal information.
  2. Complete your bio. This is the first place most members look and your chance to shine. Introduce yourself and maybe write a little bit about what you are looking for in a partner.
  3. Add a photo. We can’t stress this enough. Free members can upload one profile photo and paid members can upload multiple photos. If you are concerned about your privacy you can always cover up with shades, a mask or hat, or just post a body shot. Alternatively there are loads of free online tools which allow you to quickly edit photos online. Edit out distinguishing features before uploading to our site if you feel more comfortable this way. Without a photo at all, you are unlikely to receive much interest or many responses to your messages.

Our guide to local hook-ups

Meeting strangers for sex can be an exiting and liberating experience as well as saving you considerable amounts of time and money versus traditional ways of meeting potential sex partners. We urge new members to take a look at our guide to hooking up for casual sex to ensure you get the safest, most rewarding experience from our site.

Be discreet

Most members of our sex dating community do not want the world to know their business. As a member you are expected to be discreet. Do not post about your conquests on social media, under no circumstances share members photos online or via chat apps like WhatsApp and do not share personal details or other members or your communications.

Be polite

Even though we are an uncensored adult dating site, we recommend that you are polite and respectful when communicating with other members. Aggressive sexual talk or threatening language will not be tolerated, and your membership may be cancelled. Besides, you are far more likely to get a response to a polite introduction than an abrupt ‘fuck me tonight’ message which will probably end up in the user’s junk folder and see you in their blocked list.

Be safe

Engaging in casual sex has its own risks. We are not here to judge anyone but we urge all members to practice safe sex at all times.

Be honest

We have members of all shapes and sizes, married, single, couples and everything in between. Married members seeking affairs or couples in open relationships are welcome but please be clear about your relationship status before meeting up to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

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Casual sex London

Sex in London

Here is our definitive guide to finding sex and casual encounters in London. With such a diverse population and vibrant nightlife, it’s no wonder London is one of the best places to find casual sex. The cosmopolitan city boasts a thriving underground sex club scene, high end swingers parties, popular dogging spots and a lively gay community.

Best places to find casual sex in London

Where exactly are the best places to go if you are seeking some sexual adventure? This depends  a lot on what you are looking for and how big your wallet is. For the more extravagant punter, London is one of the best cities in the world for secret sex parties and swingers events. London is also the most active city by Tinder users according to There are also a couple of surprise cities in their results including Sydney, Australia in 8th position, Auckland, New Zealand at 13th and Dublin, Ireland coming in at 14th in the world.

Let’s start by looking at the best sex clubs in London

Killing Kittens

Killing Kittens is an upmarket sex club where all guests must wear masks to protect their identity and mobile phones are strictly prohibited. This exclusive club is a members only affair. Arrive early and dress to impress.

Torture Garden

No strictly a sex club, Torture Garden is a S&M themed, glam night out where anything goes. Packed with people of all ages and backgrounds, many dressed in leather or bondage gear dancing the night away in the throng of sweaty people. Known as the club where anything goes, getting in can be somewhat hit and miss depending on who you know.

Kinky Salon London

One for the hipster crowd, Kinky Salon is run by an artsy collaborative and is renowned for its crazy outfits and outlandish décor. Kinky Salon is a good choice for couples new to sex and fetish clubs as there is less focus on sex and more on having fun and being seen. Dress to thrill and take it all in without being pestered for sex every five minutes.

Club Hermione

Club Hermione is a strictly invite only monthly event. The events are held in different, exclusive locations every month. The receive an invitation you must first apply to become a member. Unfortunately, even if you are accepted as a member, there is no guarantee you will be invited to one of these popular events.

Rules for attending sex parties

Rules vary from club to club. We recommend checking out the clubs website for their specific rules but the following are fairly universal rules or etiquette to follow.

Make an effort

Most clubs have their own dress code but the more effort you make, the greater your chances of being allowed in. Think big, bold, glam, sexy. A bit of slap and a feather boa won’t cut it (unless that all you have on).

Be respectful

Just because people are dressed provocatively or engaging in sex acts it doesn’t mean you can touch and grab at will. Always ask to join in or wait to be invited.

Couples areas

Many clubs have designated couples’ areas. These areas are for couples of groups who wish to have a bit of space. Solo acts are not generally allowed, and you will probably find yourself out on your ear.

Strip/lap dancing clubs

Strip clubs are everywhere in London and range from high end clubs like Stringfellows in Covent Garden to seedy backstreet pubs. Its worth noting that paying for sex in a lap dancing club is illegal.

Dogging spots London

Dogging is engaging in outdoor sex with strangers. Usually in parks, laybys and carparks. Dogging is illegal in The UK, but this doesn’t stop thousands of Londoners looking for sex all over the capital every week in quiet spots, wooded areas and empty car parks.

The most active dogging hotspots in London according to MyLondon News are:

  • Kenley Common, Caterham
  • Blackhorse Lane, Woodside
  • Coombe Lane, Croydon
  • Jubilee Country Park, Petts Wood, Bromley
  • Crystal Palace Park
  • South Norwood Country Park
  • Purley Way, Croydon
  • Victoria Park, Bow

Adult dating London

No article about finding casual sex  would be complete without mentioning the best way to find sex when you want it. Clubbing, dogging, pubs and bars can all be great ways to hook up with someone for some fun but the chase can be exhausting and expensive. There is no better place to meet for sex in London or anywhere else than My Bed or Yours. The number one sex dating website for people who love sex and want an easy to use, secure, anonymous way to meet people nearby.

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Meet women looking for sex in London

Finally, lets take a look at the most popular areas in London by female members. These are the areas with the highest proportion of females to males.

If you are looking to meet a horny woman in London looking for casual sex, you should definitely widen your search to include the following areas.

Fuck buddies

My Bed or Yours guide to finding local fuck buddies, keeping it casual and rules of engagement.

For those unacquainted to the term ‘fuck buddy’, it is simply a term commonly used to describe a relationship based on casual sex where both parties are happy to meet up for sex but are not in an exclusive or serious relationship.

You might ask why you would want a fuck buddy; you might also ask why anyone wouldn’t! Who doesn’t want regular no-strings sex without the hassle of a serious relationship or being tied down to one partner? Generally it’s the younger ‘Netflix and chill’ generation who are more likely to have a fuck buddy. This is due to many factors such as the need to sow their wild oats while they are young, experimenting with their sexuality, wild college life or the pressures of embarking on a career which leave little time for a serious relationship. Whatever the reason, more and more young adults (and older people too) are turning to friends with benefits to fill a void in their sex lives.

Finding local fuck buddies

Finding a casual sex partner can be difficult. Most people wont simply approach a girl in a bar or on the street and tell them ‘I want to fuck you’ but ‘I’m not interested in a relationship’. Doing this is likely to get you a slap. So, how do you find local sex when you need it? You have a few options:

  1. Dating apps or hook up apps like Happn or Tinder. These are well and good. Many people successfully meet for sex through these apps. The issue with many of these free hook up apps is the large number of fake profiles, phishing and users simply looking for a quick ego boost. Filtering out the time wasters can be draining. Most users are also in the younger age bracket so if you are looking for someone a bit more mature your choices are often limited.
  2. Existing friendships. This one is a minefield. It happens all the time. Friends go for a night out, drinks are flowing, you find yourselves engaging in drunken sex. These scenarios don’t often work out well. Maybe one of you has secretly been harbouring feelings for some time and the other doesn’t feel the same way, maybe you both feel awkward the following day and your friendship is never the same again or even worse, the drunken sex was a big let down for one or both of you. Whatever happens, sex with friends is generally a very bad idea.
  3. Sex and swingers clubs. The main problem with these is you generally need to go to these events as a couple. If you are a lone man or woman looking to get involved, there are not many events that cater for singles. Obviously, if you meet an open minded partner who is open to the idea of sharing, gang bangs or wife swapping, swingers clubs can be terrific fun and a great way to meet other people who love sex as much as you do.
  4. A dating site dedicated to casual sex and hook ups. Of course, it was coming. What better place to find a local fuck buddy than a website that specialises in connecting people looking for the same thing in a secure, anonymous setting. Where you can be completely open about the type of relationship you are looking for. If you want a regular fuck buddy, one-night stand or a couple for adult fun, simply state what you are looking for and meet other members who are looking for similar encounters. With location-based searches, detailed filters and member profile photos, finding someone local to you looking for sex is fast and easy with My Bed or Yours.

Keeping it casual

A fuck buddy arrangement can be a great way to enjoy the company of another person, have great sex and still enjoy the freedom of the single lifestyle. There are some basic unspoken rules you should follow in order to keep the relationship going and prevent your friends with benefits arrangement from going sour.

  1. The number one rule is both parties need to be clear on what the arrangement is. Its not good enough to simple think you are in an open relationship. You need to discuss your situation and make it clear that this is an open relationship or casual fling not anything more. If one of you doesn’t see it this way, then it is not going to work out.
  2. Don’t be jealous or possessive. This is a clear indicator that you are not going to be happy in a fuck buddy relationship. If you cannot handle not knowing where your partner is, who they are with or seeing them talking to other people, an open relationship is not for you. Discus this. Maybe your sex buddy feels the same way and the relationship can take a new turn and evolve into something more or maybe its just not going to work out and you should call it a day before someone gets hurt.
  3. Have fun. A fuck buddy is what it implies, a BUDDY. It shouldn’t just be about having great sex. Try to keep it exciting, not just late-night booty calls. Just because its casual it doesn’t mean you should have fun outside of the bedroom. Try to keep it exciting by going gout for a meal, drinks or just chilling out in front of the TV without having sex occasionally.
  4. Be safe. If one or both of you are seeing multiple partners, please practice safe sex. Condoms are the safest way to enjoy sex if you are seeing multiple partners or are unsure about your partners previous sexual history. A regular visit to the STI clinic is also recommended however difficult that conversations might be. You can get more information on sexual health here.

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What do you call it?

Although the term fuck buddy is recognised widely as meaning someone you have sex with who you are not in an exclusive relationship. Many other countries around the world have their own terms to describe casual sex buddies. Some interesting, strange and funny. Here are some common variations from around the world.

United States

Friends with benefits is a common term made popular by the 2011 movie of the same name staring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. Other common terms include ‘meet and fuck’ and ‘sex buddies’.

South Africa

The Afrikaans slang term Naai meaning fuck is often used i.e. naaibuddy or naai buddies.


In Spanish the term follamigo is frequently used to describe casual sex. Roughly translated it means ‘a fuck friend’.


The Aussies have their own unique terms to describe sexual acts and relationships. Some of the more humorous ones are:

  1. Root rat
  2. Root buddy
  3. Pash buddy

Meet your own Aussie fuck buddy today

Meeting for local sex

Infidelity is More Common Than Ever: Is the Internet to Blame or Are We Becoming More Open Minded?

40%. 76%. According to Ph.D. student Geneviève Beaulieu-Pelletier, somewhere between those two numbers is where you can expect the probability that there is infidelity in your relationship.


Her findings are motivated by two studies which were recently conducted by the University of Montreal. The first focused on infidelity in subjects age 23 and under. The study concluded that 41% of participants had cheated, whereas a staggering 68% had considered cheating.


The second study was identical in design but focused on subjects age 27 and under. The numbers were similar, with 39% having cheated while 54% had considered it.


Is it just young people who are being unfaithful? Is that infidelity tied to the rise of the internet and hook-up culture, thanks to apps like Tinder or Bumble?


Not exactly. Let’s explore.


Infidelity in Older Adults


In fact, it appears that older generations are also far more likely to cheat now than they have been in the past. Data from 1991-2006 has shown an increase in lifetime infidelity of men over 60 from 20% in 1991 to 28% in 2006.


For women over 60, the change is even more polarizing. Lifetime rates of infidelity have ballooned to 15%, up from 5% during the same period. It’s fair to assume that those numbers have continued their upward trend over the past 10+ years, as well.


The Role of Hook Up Culture in Infidelity


While we certainly cannot attribute the rise of infidelity exclusively to dating apps and the rise of hookup culture, they aren’t blameless either. According to research firm GWI, 42% of Tinder users are already in a relationship or married. Of course, these people aren’t cheating because of dating apps, but their wide availability certainly makes it easier than ever to cheat.


Global Comparisons


Many of the studies available focus on infidelity in North America, but infidelity is far from an American phenomenon. Take Japan for example, where infidelity has risen at an alarming rate.


A recent survey by the Ministry of Health found that 1 in 5 Japanese men age 16-49 are guilty of adultery, while just over 1 in 10 Japanese women are guilty. Ashley Madison, the famed hookup site for married people recently launched in Japan, perhaps in part due to the findings above. Within the first ten days, 120,000 Japanese people had made profiles on the site, with women outnumbering men by 2 to 1.


It isn’t just the Japanese and Americans who are engaging in infidelity, either. Data recently garnered from the Ashley Madison database shows that this hookup site for married people has a strong following in South America, India, and Scandinavian countries as well. In other words, infidelity is very much a global issue.


Five Myths About Infidelity


Considering that infidelity is such a hot-button issue, it’s no surprise that there are misinformation and myths abound. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular myths about cheating.


Affairs Are More Common Among the Rich


We often see rich and famous celebrities embroiled in scandals related to infidelity. But, just because we tend to hear about these stories more often, it doesn’t mean that infidelity is the domain of the rich and powerful. In fact, some studies suggest that women are more likely to cheat if they aren’t wealthy than they are if they are wealthy.


If You Cheat, You Aren’t in Love with Your Partner


Sadly, most people believe that cheating on your partner is a direct result of falling out of love with them. Overwhelmingly, this appears not to be the case. Surveys conducted on unfaithful men and women found that their reasons for cheating typically have much more to do with a desire to have sex with a person outside of their relationship than it does with falling out of love with their spouse.


We Agree on What Constitutes Cheating


These days, cheating isn’t nearly as black and white as it was in the past. Thanks to the internet, there are so many ways to express your sexual personality. Depending on whom you’re speaking to, cheating can be as black and white as a physical relationship with someone besides your partner, or it can be as gray as watching pornography or entering an elicit chat room.


Keeping Your Sex Life Exciting Prevents Infidelity


Another popular myth is that spicing up your sex life will prevent infidelity. In rare cases, this may be true. However, for the most part, if your significant other is predisposed to cheating, they’re going to do so regardless of how exciting your life is in the bedroom.


Married Couples Don’t Cheat


Quite the contrary. Considering the existence of sites like Ashley Madison, as well as data that confirms that many users of dating sites and apps are already in a committed relationship, there are no facts to back up the idea that marriage insulates couples from infidelity.


Psychology of Infidelity


When it comes to infidelity, there’s a broad range of potential causes, and they depend on the psychology of each person. In some cases, they can also depend on what’s lacking from a relationship.


Some simply have a predisposition to cheat because of mental factors such as narcissism or ego. Others cheat because they’re feeling a void within themselves or their relationship. What’s certain is that there are countless reasons that different individuals cheat, and these reasons are entirely dependent on the individual.


Cheating vs. Polyamory


The difference between cheating and polyamory is clear cut. In instances of cheating, someone steps outside of their relationship and has sexual or emotional relations with another person, all without the knowledge of their spouse. In most cases, the goal is to keep this affair completely secret from the other person in the relationship. This is typically thought of as devious, underhanded and careless.


On the other hand, is polyamory. With polyamory, both parties of the relationship are entirely aware of their partner’s infidelity. These relationships exist on the premise that it’s entirely alright to step outside of the relationship, provided that both parties are open and honest with each other throughout the process.


While both situations are examples of infidelity, cheating can be much more destructive to a relationship than polyamory.


Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too – The Benefits of Infidelity in Monogamous and Polyamorous Relationships


Some people don’t view infidelity as the Scarlet Letter which it’s typically viewed as in society. In fact, many believe that stepping outside of your relationship is a way to improve the bond between both parties.


At their best, our relationships with others provide us with a deeper understanding of ourselves, our own needs, and the needs of others. In the context of polyamory, the presence of additional relationships may make it easier to learn more about ourselves and others than we would be able to in a completely monogamous relationship.


On the other side of the coin, infidelity can have benefits to monogamous relationships as well. Those who have engaged in a relationship with someone who is unfaithful is more capable of understanding the warning signs of infidelity and how to avoid them in future relationships.


While it’s no fun to find out you’ve been a victim of infidelity, the perspective and clarity you may gain from that relationship can improve your ability to be in a monogamous relationship in the future.


Maintaining A Relationship After Infidelity


For some, learning of a partner’s infidelity is an automatic deal-breaker. It can be extremely difficult to regain the same level of love and trust you had previously had for your significant other after learning of their transgressions.


On the other hand, you may be open to the possibility of working through your issues, in the hope that your relationship can come out stronger on the other side.


This is possible. Here are some tips that can help you make it work with your partner if you’re interested in staying together.


  • Communicate – Whether you’re the victim of infidelity, or you’re the one who has been unfaithful, strong communication is going to be key if you decide to work out your relationship. By focusing on strong communication, you’ll be better equipped to overcome this obstacle in your relationship and rebuild it stronger than it was in the past.
  • Focus on building – Simply put, an affair divides couples. If you’re planning on staying together, you need to be on the same team. Focus on rebuilding your foundation together.
  • Stay in the Moment – If you’re staying together, the past must remain the past. Too often, couples who have experienced infidelity in their relationships can’t survive long term because the victim of the infidelity is unable to forget what has happened in the past. If you’re looking to stay together, you must be able to move forward from what has happened in the past.
  • Trust Your Instincts – Is staying together the right choice? If you believe in your heart that it is, trust that belief. Don’t second guess yourself.
  • Respect Boundaries – If you’re the victim of infidelity in your relationship, and you’re trying to make it work, it’s important to remember that boundaries still do exist. Obviously, you may expect more transparency in your relationship. But, that doesn’t mean that your significant other is no longer entitled to privacy. Creating and respecting boundaries will give you a better chance of success if you decide to work it out with your partner.


Infidelity Infographic