Casual sex London

Sex in London

Here is our definitive guide to finding sex and casual encounters in London. With such a diverse population and vibrant nightlife, it’s no wonder London is one of the best places to find casual sex. The cosmopolitan city boasts a thriving underground sex club scene, high end swingers parties, popular dogging spots and a lively gay community.

Best places to find casual sex in London

Where exactly are the best places to go if you are seeking some sexual adventure? This depends  a lot on what you are looking for and how big your wallet is. For the more extravagant punter, London is one of the best cities in the world for secret sex parties and swingers events. London is also the most active city by Tinder users according to There are also a couple of surprise cities in their results including Sydney, Australia in 8th position, Auckland, New Zealand at 13th and Dublin, Ireland coming in at 14th in the world.

Let’s start by looking at the best sex clubs in London

Killing Kittens

Killing Kittens is an upmarket sex club where all guests must wear masks to protect their identity and mobile phones are strictly prohibited. This exclusive club is a members only affair. Arrive early and dress to impress.

Torture Garden

No strictly a sex club, Torture Garden is a S&M themed, glam night out where anything goes. Packed with people of all ages and backgrounds, many dressed in leather or bondage gear dancing the night away in the throng of sweaty people. Known as the club where anything goes, getting in can be somewhat hit and miss depending on who you know.

Kinky Salon London

One for the hipster crowd, Kinky Salon is run by an artsy collaborative and is renowned for its crazy outfits and outlandish décor. Kinky Salon is a good choice for couples new to sex and fetish clubs as there is less focus on sex and more on having fun and being seen. Dress to thrill and take it all in without being pestered for sex every five minutes.

Club Hermione

Club Hermione is a strictly invite only monthly event. The events are held in different, exclusive locations every month. The receive an invitation you must first apply to become a member. Unfortunately, even if you are accepted as a member, there is no guarantee you will be invited to one of these popular events.

Rules for attending sex parties

Rules vary from club to club. We recommend checking out the clubs website for their specific rules but the following are fairly universal rules or etiquette to follow.

Make an effort

Most clubs have their own dress code but the more effort you make, the greater your chances of being allowed in. Think big, bold, glam, sexy. A bit of slap and a feather boa won’t cut it (unless that all you have on).

Be respectful

Just because people are dressed provocatively or engaging in sex acts it doesn’t mean you can touch and grab at will. Always ask to join in or wait to be invited.

Couples areas

Many clubs have designated couples’ areas. These areas are for couples of groups who wish to have a bit of space. Solo acts are not generally allowed, and you will probably find yourself out on your ear.

Strip/lap dancing clubs

Strip clubs are everywhere in London and range from high end clubs like Stringfellows in Covent Garden to seedy backstreet pubs. Its worth noting that paying for sex in a lap dancing club is illegal.

Dogging spots London

Dogging is engaging in outdoor sex with strangers. Usually in parks, laybys and carparks. Dogging is illegal in The UK, but this doesn’t stop thousands of Londoners looking for sex all over the capital every week in quiet spots, wooded areas and empty car parks.

The most active dogging hotspots in London according to MyLondon News are:

  • Kenley Common, Caterham
  • Blackhorse Lane, Woodside
  • Coombe Lane, Croydon
  • Jubilee Country Park, Petts Wood, Bromley
  • Crystal Palace Park
  • South Norwood Country Park
  • Purley Way, Croydon
  • Victoria Park, Bow

Adult dating London

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Meet women looking for sex in London

Finally, lets take a look at the most popular areas in London by female members. These are the areas with the highest proportion of females to males.

If you are looking to meet a horny woman in London looking for casual sex, you should definitely widen your search to include the following areas.